New Year’s And A Few Beers

I spent my second New Year’s Eve in China with good form last night. I’ve mentioned previously that I’ve become a bit of an isolationist in recent months and have rarely ventured out into the Suzhou social scene – quite diametrical from my previous gregariousness.

It’s certainly nothing against Suzhou or its nightlife, as it would seem to best Dalian’s Westernized watering holes. No, I’m afraid it’s something much more simple and sinister… I’m aging. I just don’t get the same kicks out of late nights and copious amounts of the giggle juice anymore.

Not to sound overly fromage, but lets be honest – one of the primary reasons men go to any sort of ‘active’ place to drink, as opposed to doing so in front of the business end of a television, is for women. This, as you’re all quite obviously aware, is not so much an interest of mine (anymore).

The other bit that’s killed the buzz is that I just can’t drink like I used to. I don’t know if its age, geography, bad brewery quality control or what… but I find I fill up on suds long before I get the fuzzy feeling. If I do happen to arrive at “drunk”, it’s sudden and dizzying. Irregardless of whether I get jalooed or not, I tend to feel like I’ve been licking a Suzhou sidewalk the next morning.

Is it a cruel function of nature that age brings with it increased difficulty in getting drunk, pained results upon succeeding and even more pained consequences the following day? I had been warned that getting old sucked, but really… this is inhumane.

Anyway, despite this, I managed to have a wonderful time at a place called Q’s Bar located at the far eastern end of Shiquan Street (#53). A co-worker of mine suggested the place because of its cheap beer (most drinks are 10 RMB/$1.50 CAN, and a pint will set you back 15 RMB). The bar kept a good (and eclectic) selection of Western music going, and had free pool and darts to sweeten the deal.

Turns out they’ve also got a pretty regular game of Texas Hold’em going too, so that may be reason enough for me to make 2007 the year I become a Suzhou socialite… or, perhaps, the year I lost all the wedding money gambling…

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