I Got My Kicks In 2006

Feckin’ A… I finally have access to the 100+ junk e-mails that have been waiting to be downloaded for the past four days. A big thank you to those Taiwanese deep sea divers working tirelessly to fix this net blackout – it’s still slow as using a Chinese typewriter, but it’s on.

Oh… I’d like to officially propose we bring the Internet’s naming back to the table. If a single fibreoptic cable being damaged can cause no less than 1.3 billion people to be out of access … perhaps “The Interline” or “the World Wide Wire” are better monikers.

Anyway, I don’t know how long this access will last, and I’ve some business to attend to here. It is, as some may have noticed, the last day of 2006. Interestingly enough, I was just ‘tagged’ by Jeremiah at his historically insightful and always interesting blog, The Granite Studio. He asked his taggies to choose between “7 Success In 2006” or “5 Things People Don’t Know About You”… but I’m so damn happy to be online, I’m going to do both.

7 Successes In 2006

  1. I (some how) convinced the most amazing woman in the world that marrying me was a good idea.
  2. I delved into Web design deeper than I would ever have thought I’d want to, and have now chained myself to three modestly popular Websites (www.thehumanaught.com, www.lostlaowai.com, and www.haohaoreport.com). This in turn has made me consider the future options I have in this area for sustainable income. The new year should bring with it a bit more clarity here, and another Web site.
  3. I’ve re-enrolled (if not technically ‘started’) in university and will be working towards my degree this coming year. With a diploma and a successful Prior Learning Experience application, I could have this done before I am writing a similarly themed post next year.
  4. I’ve kicked up my Chinese studies to a point where I am no longer just a “lingual survivalist” in this country. I’m no where near where I need/want to be, but I’m on the right road and feeling more confident day-by-day.
  5. Relatedly, I survived my second year living in China and away from Canada. The jury is still out on whether this is getting easier or more difficult as time goes on … but there it is.
  6. With the final payment made on an old student loan I became debt free. I officially don’t owe a cent to anyone, anywhere. Of course, my assets are nothing to retire on, but there is a levity in debtlessness that helps with my final success of 2006…
  7. I woke up everyday happy. Once the layers of the day were put on me, admittedly this optimism waned, but largely there is a confidence and purpose in my life now that I had previously not felt. I don’t know where it’s going, but it feels right.

5 Things (Some) People Don’t Know About Me
This is a tough one, as I’ve been blogging for so long now it’s doubtful most of this hasn’t been previously covered. However, I’ll try my best.

  1. I ran as a candidate in two Canadian elections – one provincial and one federal. I was defeated by a large margin both times, but such was to be expected as I was running for the Green Party.
  2. I have been an ordained minister for about four years now. Alright, I was ‘ordained’ through the Internet, but well… it’s swell for lists like this.
  3. Most of the major accomplishments in my life have been brought on by fears. I got SCUBA certified because I was afraid of being beneath open water, I like to perform (sing/play guitar) to audiences because I have a monstrous amount of stage fright, And I started travelling alone because I am largely adverse to doing things alone.
  4. I actually like 臭豆腐.
  5. I’m pretty good with a yo-yo – much to the amusement of my yo-yo fanatical students.

And, as seems to be the way with these “taggings” I think I’m responsible for helping spread this… so, here are those I feel are a bunch of taggots. You can choose either or both of the topics above and I look forward to reading your responses.

  • Rick: Currently the other half of the writing team at Lost Laowai, and the creator of the informative Dalian City Guide/Panda Passport site. Rick is possibly the most mellow guy I know, it’s amazing he gets so much stuff done – and that’s inspirational.
  • Dezza: Derrick’s Mask of China blog was the first blog I stumbled upon in the Chinese blogsphere back in the months leading up to my arrival in China. In the months (and now years) since he’s become a good friend and his blog continues to offer a level of quality and insight that puts this one to shame.
  • Hek: Your bitingly funny commentary eventually sold me on moving to Suzhou – cheers for that. And to be honest, I’m just curious what you might say. PS: I still have your Starbucks mug.
  • Steven: Though his blog, The People’s Republic Of…, is beating LLW on the China Blog List hot list I’ll not hold it against him. My neighbour, it’s time I learned more about ya 😉
  • And to my surprise, I’ve not seen anyone tag John over at Sinosplice yet… so.. there ya go.

Happy New Year Everyone.