Diggin’ the ‘kok

[1] Random beach shot. [2] Khao San at night.
I think I’m finally getting the hang of this city. My first trip to Thailand I loathed Bangkok, and when I got here this time I had much the same opinion. Even compared to China, there is just a plethora of people waiting to rip you off every step you take.

And because it’s such a sprawl of a city you’re always taking taxis or tuk-tuks everywhere. Unlike in China, where suprisingly the taxis are pretty honest, here they are quite happy to drive you in the complete opposite direction, take you to some dodgy jewel market, ask you to give your spleen to their dying child and then return you to the place they picked you up – charging you 10,000,000 baht for the ‘experience’.

However, with the help of my trusty Thai friend Rieng, I’ve started to get a handle on the mass transit system, and am now fairly mobile here. They’ve got a extensive (if not confusing) bus network, a skytrain and a subway.. the last two of which are my current favourites and the saving graces of the city.

So, after a final soggy night, Freddy and I have returned from the island and made our way back to The City. I headed back to Rieng’s while Freddy hung out downtown (he’s waiting for me to finish this entry to tell me why he didn’t sleep last night). I got my China Visa this morning and will be sorting out my flight today or tomorrow…. then home to Dalian. I’m getting excited. I’ll miss Thailand, but that’s not the thing I’m missing the most right now.

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