Rain Rain Go Away

My god, when they say ‘the rainy season’ they don’t mess around. It’s rained every day since I got here. At first it was charming, but now having no dry clothes and no tan, I’m getting a bit tired of it.

[1] A rainy day lying in a hammock. [2] I couldn’t resist taking this to show Maggie.
Other than the rain making everything a bit soggy… things have been a lot of fun. Last night we broke in to the big bottle of vodka Freddy and I went halvsies (how is that spelt?) on at the Shanghai airport duty free… it quickly became a communal thing and kept us sitting around the Treehouse restaurant/bar quite late (minus a bit of time to go get some more juice at the local 7-Day Mart, which uses a colour scheme remarkably like 7-11).

Veronica, Simon and Henrich relaxing as the sun goes down.
Eventually everyone turned in and walking back to the huts Veronica and I heard some Jack Johnson coming from a little bar so we decided to have another drink. One turned into a few, along with a load of food the kindly barman kept feeding us.

Today, after a slow rise – really there’s little reason to do anything quickly here -, Freddy, Noi, Veronica and I hopped on motorbikes and headed to a rather scenic waterfall. The entrance price of 200B was a bit steep, and the rain took a bit of the pleasure out of the hike – but after getting drenched we didn’t see any reason not to go swimming in the rapids. It was a blast, but has complete worn me out.

Freddy and Noi are waiting for me to head over to Bang Bao, a small fishing village just south of us. We’re going to go see about some seafood to BBQ. The next problem will be to sort out a BBQ. Well, if nothing else, we can just eat the uber tasty red snapper or baracuda I’ve been feasting on at the restaurant for the last couple days.

I head off the island and back to Bangkok on Sunday and will be setting up a flight for Tuesday or Wednesday back to Dalian. This missing Maggie thing is tougher than I thought…

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