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Ok, this is jumping the gun a bit as an “official announcement” of my new site, but I need some visitors to flesh it out a bit.

Basically, I’ve created a new site designed to help foreigners who are coming to or just arrived in China. It focuses on day-to-day living (money, toilets, culture, etc.), language (just the basics), travel info. and ESL info.


It’s horribly lacking in content, as it’s a lot to undertake for just one guy. But it’s getting there. And this is where you come in, my faithful readers (or not so faithful… blogsluts). The site’s sections are all hooked up to a Wiki and a Forum for each topic, meaning the information should stay fresh and dynamic as anyone can add to these two areas. So, go check it out and if you see something you can add to – please do so.

The main reason for this post (the above stuff was just a preamble really) is that I’ve added a cool new feature to the above site called The Hao Hao (好好) Report, which may be familiar with those of you that frequent the popular Digg.com site. Basically it’s a way for all us blog/news readers to post and rate links to good blog posts or news sites. Read a good story? Insightful news article? Funny commentary about China? Register (it’s quick and free) and post it at…

The Hao Hao Report

I know the name is kinda lame… but it’s the best the gnomes could come up with. I don’t pay them much. There’s likely going to be some things added, and some things taken away… but it’s a start. Go check it out, and please… leave a link. I need to populate the sucker!

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