Football Fever

So, it’s day… something… of the World Cup, and I’ve managed to watch an entire two and a half minutes of a game. The Do-I-Support-Korea game that I was going to watch up in Kaifaqu (on the big screen in the square) was rained out for me – but not for the swarm of Koreans that got segregated in a fenced-off area (for everyone’s protection I’m sure) – off limits to other foreigners.

Anyway, my lack of viewing time shouldn’t be construed as meaning I haven’t been following the endless amounts of other people talking about the World Cup on various blogs.

Here are two links I found particularly good. And just so I’m not labelled some porn-watching sexist.. there’s technically more male nudity in the second one than there is female in the first.


For the boys: Chinese Soccer Babes

For the ladies (and anyone that loves a good laugh): Streakers of the World

I can’t really imagine what it would take me to strip down and run naked around the pitch dodging men that you KNOW can out run you, wear spikes on the bottom of their shoes and can kick your danglies to another country.

Just to keep the record straight… I’m not, as you might guess, a regular visitor to In fact, I had not bookma… ah… heard of it until today.

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