Frigin’ Flags

Being a Canadian it goes somewhat against our (lack of) national identity to watch any sport other than hockey when the Stanley Cup is on… however, in China the madness is all about the quest for a different Cup.

Of course I’m talking World Cup. Yup, for any Canucks reading this, there is indeed a whole other major sporting event happening right now. You may have heard pepperings of Fifa World Cup fever in between how the Oilers are trying desperately to hold on in the finals.

Being my first time in a country that cares about the World Cup while the World Cup is on, it’s an experience to say the least. Though my ill-informed self is learning little in the way of how this football thing is played (I understand it about as much as I understand N.A. football, which means I know it involves a field, and kicking), I have noticed something startling.

Countries are about as creative as a Chinese counterfeiter when it comes to their flags. Now I’m sure they’re just chock full of patriotic import, but honestly… there could be a bit more variation.

Take, for example, last night’s match between Serbia and Montenegro and The Netherlands.


Or the one a little later in the evening (+8h – Beijing time) with Mexico facing off against Iran.


Of course there are differences, but it made distinguishing who had 3 and who had 1 a bit tough (again, I know nothing about football, so stuff your “Of COURSE Mexico would have three, ya knob!” sentiments).

In fact, as I was getting these flags, I noticed Ireland‘s and The Ivory Coast‘s flags…


True, Ireland’s a bit under-represented in Germany right now, and so there’s not likely going to be much confusion on the television … but really?

I do understand there’s a limit to the colours that work on a flag, and again, I know that there are likely very good historical-political reasons for the use of these colours, but really…

Respectively: Jordan, Kuwait, Palestine, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Western Sahara.

Can you imagine if there was a major war that pitted any of these countries against one another. A lot of friendly fire casualties I think.

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