Hitching – Take II, Bugger, take it all.



Is there something wrong with me? I mean seriously… no one picked me up. Perhaps I’m too intimidating? Perhaps I am just too impatient. Or perhaps, and this is a stretch, I just really like mass transit systems so much, I am secretly sabotaging my hitchings.

Anyway, embarked early this morning to hitch again. Took a city bus to a “perfect” spot, and tried for almost 2 1/2 hours with no luck. Finally I just said – screw it! and went into Manchester and bought a bus ticket for tomorrow at noon. It works out well because it gets me into Glasgow at like 6:05 p.m. – and I spoke to Barbara (my gracious host in Glasgow) and she can come collect me from the bus depot.

Ok, time to go get pished on Strongbow cider as I’m back at Dani’s and their one flatmate is leaving for Korea sometime soon, so it’s sort of a good bye. I’ve got a couple new photos of the awesome friends I’ve made here that I’ll have to add to this when I get a chance.


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  1. will sing for a ride!

    maybe it’s your sign:P
    what does it say?.. are you standing on the right side of the road .. heehee I know I know of course you are , anyways.. if you try a sign that says something catchy maybe it would work.. or like Canadian needs a lift…no wait thats an elevator there, er hmmm.. I don’t know. I personly have never picked up a hitch hicker, but then again I am a young female so … not the best idea. I hear the long haul truckers like to make friends;)

    • Re: will sing for a ride!

      Thanks Allison, your advice was very… hmm.. I’d say useful, but I’d be lying 😉 Hahaha

      I’m likely to try again perhaps from Glasgow or Inverness.. but I’m rethinking my travel philosophy.

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