The Sex Is Back: Return of Chinabounder

Hey, I meant to make mention of a new post I did over at Lost Laowai earlier this week… but I forgot… but anyway… here’s a sample:

chinabounder.jpgAnyone active in the China blogsphere back in August surely remembers Chinabounder and his rather conspicuous blog “Sex And Shanghai“. The blog received some rather heated attention (making it as far as the nightly news in Shanghai) mostly brought on by Professor Zhang Jiehai and his call to hunt down the author because of the blog’s content, which is essentially a Western man detailing his sexcapades with local Chinese girls.

Zhang’s hunt for the Chinabounder ended with the operator(s) of the site shutting it down. Rumors abounded, with the rather weighty Sydney Morning Harold reporting that it was all a hoax created by a group of performance artists looking to draw attention to the mob mentality of the Chinese Internet.

Well folks he’s back. As reported by fiLination, the Chinabounder has started posting again and has resumed with what is sure to be a racket:

Check out the whole post…

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  1. Haha. You’ve obviously watched it more times than me… I’ve no memory of a BDSM suit. And my first thoughts for the pic were to have a giant cock in place of the Oriental Pearl Tower in a Shanghai skyline photo… but I thought that might be too vulgar – even for me.

  2. This comment is totally unconnected with your blog, but I just found it a bit interesting! The Chinese football team has been doing some kind of tour/connection with Chelsea (scum) and the other day they played against Queens Park Rangers… it all went a bit wrong…

    Courtesy of the great

    It probably seemed like a good idea at the time. The Chinese Olympic team would train with Chelsea for a couple of weeks, millions of toddlers from Beijing to Urumqi would squeeze themselves into Subbuteo Wright-Phillips shirts and Sino-British relations – which have never really recovered following the Opium wars, the Boxer Rebellion and Chris ‘Fatty Pang’ Patten’s twin demands for democracy and unlimited pies – would be stuck together with footballers’ glue (and, no, that’s not something you’d find in Rebecca Loos’s hair). But so far the China team’s tour has been so doom-laden it may as well have been accompanied by the four riders of the apocalypse repeatedly playing B-minor on a church organ.

    Article continues


    Big Paper’s page 12 stunnah Marina Hyde has already detailed how the tour got off to a shocker that an electric eel would be proud of when there was a confrontation during China’s friendly with Chelsea on Monday. This was followed by Under-23 star Zhou Haibin saying that facilities at Chelsea’s £20m Siberian oil-funded training complex “were not so good”. But things got really tasty yesterday when the team’s friendly with QPR ended in a 50-man brawl that left defender Zheng Tao with a broken jaw. “It was mayhem,” said one witness as Lee Cook flew over his head. “One of the Chinese players fouled a QPR defender and another one appeared to kick him on the ground. Then all hell broke loose, with players, substitutes and coaches fighting. There were punches and even kung-fu kicking!”
    The mess was made all the more tawdry by the fact that two men who don’t usually cover themselves in glory – Dermot Gallagher and John Gregory – were the only ones to emerge with any dignity. Gallagher acted quickly to stop the game and Gregory was the only coach not to become involved in the fisticuffs. Officials from both sides have apologised and the FA will investigate the incident, but this one’s fast becoming the least successful tour since Andy Townsend’s Tactics Truck motored up and down the highways of Britain.

    There’s a full report on the events somewhere else on the site! Violent Chinese!!

  3. PS to Tom:

    Yes my love, we did see it. Do you remember Rich’s big telly? Well, it was on, repeated dozens of times. It’s a disgrace. I don’t really like football (I like horse racing and rugby) but I still have the feeling for sportsmanship. Diabolical. Same as that Ronaldo chappie. In my opinion they shoud have the league football same as national – ie – if you weren’r born in London you can’t play for Chelsea. Just my opinion, but you know it’s (maybe) right.

  4. @Phoebs #1: Nope, never heard that story… and it did my head in just trying to piece all the nationalities together. As for the bloke in the picture… just some dude I had to surf through far too much gay porn to find. Sorry he’s not up to snuff… wasn’t shooting for a particular demographic.

    @Phoebs #2 & Tom: So, this is all over the hao hao report too… what I don’t really get is who’s being put to fault? Is the attitude that the Chinese were victims of QPR or that QPR just beat the shit out of the commies who showed too much attitude in the Jolly Ole?

  5. He had a gun. And…
    he made it happen.
    He made me do it.
    He put that thing on me.
    And he made me wear it.
    Then he…
    told me to frack her.
    And I did. I fracked her.
    Oh, God! Oh, God!
    Oh, God, he had a gun in my mouth.
    The fracking gun was in my throat.
    Oh, God. God.
    God, help me.
    Please, please, help me.

  6. @Hek: That made both Maggie and I laugh… we’re all about Quagmire!

    @Josh: Ahhh… I remember now. Please tell me you copied that from some where and didn’t do it from memory. 😉

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