The Sex Is Back: Return of Chinabounder

Hey, I meant to make mention of a new post I did over at Lost Laowai earlier this week… but I forgot… but anyway… here’s a sample:

chinabounder.jpgAnyone active in the China blogsphere back in August surely remembers Chinabounder and his rather conspicuous blog “Sex And Shanghai“. The blog received some rather heated attention (making it as far as the nightly news in Shanghai) mostly brought on by Professor Zhang Jiehai and his call to hunt down the author because of the blog’s content, which is essentially a Western man detailing his sexcapades with local Chinese girls.

Zhang’s hunt for the Chinabounder ended with the operator(s) of the site shutting it down. Rumors abounded, with the rather weighty Sydney Morning Harold reporting that it was all a hoax created by a group of performance artists looking to draw attention to the mob mentality of the Chinese Internet.

Well folks he’s back. As reported by fiLination, the Chinabounder has started posting again and has resumed with what is sure to be a racket:

Check out the whole post…

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