Paranoia Strikes Deep

Student Gets Federal Visit For Requesting Mao

Honestly, I’m not going to waste too much blog space talking about the often-said, and sadly obvious fact that America is FAR too concerned about things. I mean, for a country that spawned the biggest peace/love movement in recent history, one has to wonder how the whole place fits so comfortably in that hell-destined handbasket.

On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, three Beijing students have mysteriously disappeared after being caught requesting Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations”. Just kidding. God, I hope they read the ‘just kidding’ part.

And for all the injustice we hear about every day, it’s nice to read this:

CBC: Girls Often Torture Barbie Dolls

One Response

    My friend Sera (of camera recommending fame) informed me of this article: Student’s Tall Tale Revealed

    Guess it was all a hoax, or more likely just a mis-mentioned word to the wrong gabby teacher coupled with some not-so-hot journalism.

    Meh, visit or not, I still think the American government and largely the American population are a little too fearful of things. Keep in mind that this whole thing ran at the same time as it was announced that Bush was spying on everyone.

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