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Every country has its “sport”, and being abroad for several years now has made me mingle with footie fans, gridiron groupies, basketball buffs, diamond devotees, and even a few ‘aussie rules’ aficionados (whatever the hell sport that is)… but for us Canadians, this time of year means one thing, and one thing only… The Cup.

Canadians love their hockey – and I’m sure that’s understating it.

Sadly, being away from home from home I’ve missed the Stanley Cup playoffs the past two years and would be missing them for a third time if it wasn’t for Rick. He’s come up with a sweet little way to be able to watch the playoffs online via CBC’s Website. Watching on the site is no problem if you’re in Canada, but outside of Canada isn’t allowed. However, some smart usage of a proxy brings the ice right to your desktop.

And if you want to catch up you can even watch archived games!

Thanks again for this Rick.

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  1. Hey Ryan, this has nothing to do with your post and I don’t know if you’ve made a post about it before as my boss’ computer is being rubbish (I’m watching Peep Show online and it’s being too slow to let me change the page to check) but here’s something interesting about myspace in China…,,2083872,00.html

    So yeah, anyway, Barcelona and the RCD Espanyol fans send you and Maggie our regards!


  2. Being from Canada’s not-so-ugly (well…maybe Detroit) step sister to the south, (Michigan) it’s no surprise that I love hockey as well. The Wings may have lost to Anaheim today, but damnit, it’s not over!

  3. I dig the Red Wings, always have – despite being a semi-hardcore (hehe, semi-hard) Leafs fan. Realistically, modern sports makes it hard to really be die hard about a specific team, as it’s all so corporate and just when you get some loyalty going for a lineup, they break it up and sell them off.

    @Tom: I’ll check it out.

  4. I wish hockey would pick up more in the US. The Bruins (I know, they stink) I went to last year was half empty.

    It was still fun though. Maybe because they actually won that game…

  5. Honestly, what sport is better than hockey? It’s got the strategy of FIFA, but the playing field of the NBA, more roughing up than the NFL, bigger sticks (and an equal amount of mullets) than MLB and it’s all done on ice for Christ’s sake!

  6. I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t relate to the hockey playoffs when I have already cut my lawn five times. Why doesn’t the league start earlier or reduce the amount of total games for the season or even eliminate who makes the playoffs? Truthfully, my team missed the playoffs, the Habs, and I am now more worried about my golf game and my lawn. Can somebody out there help me?

  7. What with the proliferation of Southern teams making the playoffs, some of these franchises never have snow at their home games… I hear ya though.

  8. I also found this article from Rick, but at one point his method did not work. It apparantly is working now, so all is good. But if you want an even easier way to watch the games, check out my website ( and there are links to mirrors directly from CBC. You don’t have to install anything whatsoever, it’s awesome. Also you can watch NHL as well as NBA on, but you have to install their software, which so far has been good. Here is the first mirror site, it only works while the game is playing of course. The link will ask you to open media player btw.

    Mirror Link – WORKING!

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