Watch NHL Hockey Playoffs Online

Every country has its “sport”, and being abroad for several years now has made me mingle with footie fans, gridiron groupies, basketball buffs, diamond devotees, and even a few ‘aussie rules’ aficionados (whatever the hell sport that is)… but for us Canadians, this time of year means one thing, and one thing only… The Cup.

Canadians love their hockey – and I’m sure that’s understating it.

Sadly, being away from home from home I’ve missed the Stanley Cup playoffs the past two years and would be missing them for a third time if it wasn’t for Rick. He’s come up with a sweet little way to be able to watch the playoffs online via CBC’s Website. Watching on the site is no problem if you’re in Canada, but outside of Canada isn’t allowed. However, some smart usage of a proxy brings the ice right to your desktop.

And if you want to catch up you can even watch archived games!

Thanks again for this Rick.

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