Five Years – Wood, Water and Wine

The smile of a man who knows he's just won the lottery.

I have a hard time believing that it’s been half a decade since Maggie and I exchanged marriage vows with sand between our toes. But there it is, for five years I’ve been married to the most beautiful, most amazing, person I could ever hope to meet. She is my partner, my confidant, mother to my son, my best friend, and the love of my life.

Wood, Water and Wine

There is this thought that smiles in me,
On wood, water and wine.
Something simple within these three,
All tangled on a vine.

Wood so solid and protective,
But blows and bends in time.
Water clean, clear and reflective,
On seaside alter bind.

Wine the produce of affection,
That fates allowed to find.
Noteful, soft, ripened perfection,
Five years aged and refined.

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