Oh Mister Sandman…

Alright, I’ve been hiding behind the guise of working on my Web site for the last couple hours… but the time has come where I must owe up to the simple, undeniable fact – I’m afraid to go to bed.

Very occassionally strange things happen to me while I’m asleep. I don’t sleepwalk so much as sleephurtmyself. Last night I woke up on the floor, having fallen out of bed – not in a I-rolled-out-of-bed way, but in more of a I-kicked-myself-out-of-bed way. And as I was well asleep, and deep into a dream at the time, it all just sort of went together. I wasn’t even sure it had happened for real until this morning when I went to reach for my watch and I noticed the bench beside my bed was pushed about four feet away and everything was on the floor.

The worst time that something similar has happened to me was a couple years back when I woke up with my dresser on top of me. Now, ruling out supernatural phenomenon, for this to have occurred I would have had to get out of bed, gone to the corner of my room and pulled my nearly 6′ tall dresser (complete with 21″ TV inside its top cupboard) off its resting spot and moved it a few feet to become a snuggly wooden duvet.

On another occassion (as told to me the following morning by my ex) I sat bolt upright in bed, turned to the outside wall of our apartment and calmly said, “It’s ok… you can come in.” Now, I’m sure as hell glad I was asleep, because seeing that sort of thing would have caused irreversable damage to my already fragile ability to cope with fear and the dark.

Now, best as I can figure, I likely just have some very vivid dreams and sometimes my body gets confused about when it’s supposed to just lay still and watch. Who knows…

Regardless – more of the site is done, including much of the photo gallery section, so give it a look at www.thehumanaught.com. There’s still a lot more to be added, so I apologize for any broken links.

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