And It Begins With A Bang

Xiao Nian Kuai Le
(Happy Small New Year)

Hey, so it’s all beginning. It’s one week out from the Year of the Dog (ç‹—å¹´) and as such today is considered Small New Year, but you wouldn’t know it from all the fireworks going off. I had foolishly forgotten exactly what I was in for this week… fireworks, fireworks and more fireworks. If you tuned in late, and didn’t see my rundown of last year’s event – check it out here:
Chinese New Year’s Eve Video
Xin Nian Kuai Le

Well… I’ve gotta make this short, as I’m on my way out the door to join Cam, Maeve and Cam’s boyfriend Tom for some SiChuan food… that’s right Tom’s back in town! It’s been great to hang out with him again as since his last visit we’ve chatted a lot online and he’s quite a cool guy – always happy to share music, and who’s cooler than that guy.

Oh, one other thing…. I was out for dinner at a local restaurant the other night and nearly coughed up my lamb when I saw these sitting beside my plate…

For those that can’t read it… that address says Burlington, Ontario. As in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. As in 1 hour from my home town.

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