I Hate Minorities

Hell, if that subject line doesn’t give me some hits… perhaps posting some photos of how they “farm” cats for food here in China might.

But yeah. The votes are in, no signs of a recount, and despite being OH so many thousands of kilometres away… I would like to firmly shout… ‘WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING CANADA?’

Have we become so complacent that we don’t really care who runs our country? Just because the minority government decided to play tricky dick with politics and call a “no confidence” election (off of some real sketchy scam that hardly involved the current government at all), doesn’t mean that the general population has to hand it all to the Tories… and their baby-lickin’ leader.

Don’t get me wrong… I am not a Liberal supporter (and BTW thanks to at least two people who voted Green as surrogate votes for me), but there’s just one thing stupider than a minority Liberal government, and that’s a minority PC government… essentially the government’s going to sit on their collective well-paid asses for a time, spending our tax dollars while doing absolutely fuck all because they can’t get anything passed. Which, is safer seeing that it’s the Tories at the helm, but is still a colossal waste of time and money.

Meanwhile every good 21st Century thing that the Liberals did manage to find time to get moving (decriminalization, gay marriage, animal cruelty bills, etc.) is just going to get pooched under the new regime.

The sad part to me is why it happened. You had a group of politicians vying for more power for no hugely particular reason other than it’s their job to do so. They decided to take their chances with the Canadian public, and call an election. Then you have a mass of Canadians that go out to the polls and aren’t really sure what’s wrong, but something must be… I mean, there’s an election on… They get into the poll booths and realize that there’s just not much other option other than Liberal… and hey, those PC guys were in one time before… you rarely buy a KIA when they’re offering Chryslers for the same price…. no matter how good the KIA looks on paper. And voila…

Head shakes and sighs for the rest of us.

At least there’s this:

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