The First And Last Day of Spring

Alright, it’s been all of five minutes or something since I posted my last entry – but this deserves mention, especially taking into account how much I bitched about the cold.

Spring came the other day. It was great. All 24-hours of it.

After wearing a coat, hoodie and undershirt last weekend, despite being officially a few days into Spring, Monday brought with it more the weather one would expect from Winter’s follow-up.

The day after the mercury hit 27°C here in Suzhou, floated up to about 29° today.

With both Maggie and I being from climates where March is cold – or at best cool, and not in the Fonz way – it’s messing with our sensibilities. Despite sweating through my t-shirt, I feel awkward walking out in the morning without at least a sweater on…

It does look like we will get our Spring next week when the temp drops again to hover around 20°C…

The whole thing just spins my head around. I’m programmed to expect four seasons of roughly the same length. It never occurred to me (in anything outside a textbook way) that people actually live in climates that are completely retarded… and now I’m one of them.

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