Proper Crimbo

Well, it’s Christmas Eve, I don’t know it for the feel of it, but only for the day that it is. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas without being surrounded by the ones I love.

I am blessed that I have Carol, her mum and the Kirklands to spend Christmas with, but I not in my entire trip have I missed home as much as I do today.

Thankfully I’ve had lots to keep me busy. Graham (Carol’s nephew – what does that make him to me?) and I went and saw Lord of the Rings: Return of the King today. I think it was exactly one year ago today that I saw Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers with my Dad and family in Ohio – bizarre.

Things around Carol’s have been crazy since the Kirklands arrived on Monday night. Instead of Graham and I staying at Carol’s mom’s, all seven of us are shacking up here at Carol’s – a modest two bedroom house. Anyway you do the math, you might imagine it is quite crowded.

Anyway, I should go and pour myself a pint of Smithwicks. I hope you all have a proper crimbo(selecta). Expect photos of Belfast and Christmas soon.

Oh, slight change of plans with New Year’s. I’m still going down to Dublin, but I think I’ll just be spending it with Julie and Gerard. Sad to lose out on Glendalough, it did look beautiful – but circumstances are beyond my control.


PS: As down as I sound – please don’t think I’m not having a great time. I really am, I just miss everyone a lot.

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  1. no place like home!

    It’s totaly normal to be a little sad right now, hell if you wherent I would think you are nuts.. well more nuts then I already think you are:P
    I want you to know that we think about you all that time, well at least me and Vee do, cory on the other hand I have no idea, I think he is rather use to you leaving:P.. oh and he isnt a girl… yeah us girls are silly like that…

    I feel like a bit of an ass.. I had plans to get you batteries for your cam… and send you a card.. but well… I have the card here still… and I didnt get around to asking cory what type of cam you had:(
    As for julies gift.. yeah its also here.. im an ass.. a friggen ass I tell you… grr at myself… but its the though that counts right??? right? haha ok.. it’s not all about that, i should have sent the gifts out! Would you belive that I have actually been rather busy?.. no really I have … no not with a boyfriend or a job.. yeah that would be nice, but with school, and fundraising stuff for kitty cat keep, oh and my birthday and stuff like that.
    I am taking care of Roxannes house and cats… she payed me before had and I had it spent on gifts in like 30 min:|
    My birthday money was spend in another 30 min:|

    Hey I have an idea… why dont you email me when you are a little short on cash and need batteries???.. I can send them out when you need them, instead of well.. yeah batteries don’t take up much space… I will just shut up now.
    When you talk to julie can you tell her that I wil send her gifts out on the 26 or the 27th… and her card… and I will just save yours till you know where you will be say mid january?

    Merry Christmas! I hope you have enough fun to take your mind off home… or should i say enough alcohol to take your mind off home:P

    take care and be safe.

    • Re: no place like home!

      Hahaha… no worries about the batteries, I’m sure it would cost more to send them here then it would to buy them. It’s a crazy world, but they do ACTUALLY have batteries here. I know, it amazed me too 🙂 But that does remind me, I need to buy some more before I leave Belfast.

      Also, after I leave here in two-three days, I’ll not have a permanent or even semi-permanent address until I come home.. and even then it’s iffy 😉

      It truly is the thought that counts though and I really appreciate it. Thank you.


  2. Hi Ryan!

    Hey’s sarah 🙂 It looks like you’re having a great time, and don’t worry it’s only one year away from the family at christmas. Anyway cheers, i’ll talk to you soon.

  3. ‘Tis the Season

    And we miss you just the same Ryan…I’m making a drink after i finish writing this to raise to ya. Merry Christmas Rye and have an awesome New Years, whatever you end up doing! Hope to chat with you soon man and keep smiling,

  4. Happy Holidays!

    Without sounding too girly, I am thinking about you at this joyous of times, and am happy that you’re doing what you want to do and what some of us dream of doing! No matter how sad your Christmas is, you can always be thankful you didn’t have to spend it with my dad! lol.

    • Re: Happy Holidays!

      Ya know what.. I was thinking that too! 🙂 hahaha. Thanks for the Christmas cheer. It went well, but I’m starting to feel a bit beat from all the running around and chaos of this place. three adults, a teenager, 2 endlessly energetic kids and a 2-bedroom house… bad bad math.

      I’ve always drank at Christmas, but never had REASON to 😉 hahaha.


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