Proper Crimbo

Well, it’s Christmas Eve, I don’t know it for the feel of it, but only for the day that it is. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas without being surrounded by the ones I love.

I am blessed that I have Carol, her mum and the Kirklands to spend Christmas with, but I not in my entire trip have I missed home as much as I do today.

Thankfully I’ve had lots to keep me busy. Graham (Carol’s nephew – what does that make him to me?) and I went and saw Lord of the Rings: Return of the King today. I think it was exactly one year ago today that I saw Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers with my Dad and family in Ohio – bizarre.

Things around Carol’s have been crazy since the Kirklands arrived on Monday night. Instead of Graham and I staying at Carol’s mom’s, all seven of us are shacking up here at Carol’s – a modest two bedroom house. Anyway you do the math, you might imagine it is quite crowded.

Anyway, I should go and pour myself a pint of Smithwicks. I hope you all have a proper crimbo(selecta). Expect photos of Belfast and Christmas soon.

Oh, slight change of plans with New Year’s. I’m still going down to Dublin, but I think I’ll just be spending it with Julie and Gerard. Sad to lose out on Glendalough, it did look beautiful – but circumstances are beyond my control.


PS: As down as I sound – please don’t think I’m not having a great time. I really am, I just miss everyone a lot.

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