A great baby video

Only a few weeks left before the big day. One of the things I’m most looking forward to with being a new dad is that I get to take loads of baby photos and videos. It is, I feel, my right as a father to annoy friends, family, and thanks to this blog, complete strangers with copious amounts of babyography.

Despite my ambition and relative familiarity with the use of a camera, my friend Jakob’s work puts anything I’ll attempt to shame — of course, he’s a professional videographer with his how studio in Shanghai; so I suppose my amateurish images-to-be can be excused. Check out this excellent video of his daughter Emily:

Jakob and his wife, you might remember from my Having a Baby in China links post a couple weeks ago, had a hell of a time with their pregnancy at the hands of the Chinese health-care system.

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  2. Oh my gosh!!! I love babies absolutely!!! I can feel your excitement. 🙂 First babies are the most pampered–with the most pictures, videos, etc. 🙂

  3. great congratulations to ryan and your lovely wife,cant wait for your baby’s photos,I am sure she/he will be very beautiful little angle for your family,ahh,how exciting!
    this video made me cry,such beautiful baby like a dream.your friends are so lucky,the best bless from god.:)by the way whats the name of the song?
    I was trying for my baby in the past 8years,but never had the luck.I dont kno if I can ever have some mini-me running around me……
    so ryan,I am really really happy for you, your wife and baby,they are the most precious gift that god given you,I am sure you can be a great father.a very pround father.I am totally Jealous;)

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