The War On Fat: Part II

I don’t intend for my updates to be quite so regular as every day – I mean, it’s a long process and rather boring I think… but just wanted to comment on my first day.

Day One:
Got up at 6:30 a.m. – this has become a strong habit, and with few exceptions is something I now do everyday – yeah!

Went for a jog – actually about 30% jog and 70% walking. Basically I’d run, tire, and start walking. After catching my breath I’d look around and notice all the early-morning Dalianers staring at the fat laowai breathing rather heavily… and I’d find my motivation to run again. NOTE: I discovered a park that I had been to while living at my previous apartment – it’s now much closer to my home and will be part of my daily exercise routine. It’s quite busy in the mornings, but meh. The highlight was seeing a middle-aged woman wearing a pink sweatshirt with a big rhinestone pot leaf on the back. Too funny.

Got home and did some crunches, or whatever they’re called. At first it was a little bit of a challenge, but once I figured out the breathing and stuff… I could really start to feel it working away at my abs. I read somewhere that large stomachs are mostly because the ab muscles have become weak and stretched… so… fat burning, good eating and ab building are my goals. Hope Maggie doesn’t mind me using the yoga mat I bought her for her birthday.

The rest of the day kind of went down hill. I skipped drinking a lot of water – no real reason, just not a habit for me yet. I also skipped all the meals, making me quite hungry later at night when I met up with Maggie to go dancing with her and her co-workers. This ended in me A) drinking several beers and B) eating chuar (BBQ).. if that wasn’t enough, I got home and ended up eating some leftover cheesecake that my friend Rick and his girlfriend brought over the day before…

So, this morning I slept in, skipped the jog and haven’t consumed any water yet. Well, no one said this was going to be simple. Time to go make some green tea.

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  1. Eating is cheating! Just drink: beer and milk, both are cheap and plentiful.

    As for your hotmail, try logging in via the button in MSN Messenger, should be able to access your messages in that way rather than going to


  2. Ryan,

    A great lession I leart … don’t skip meals. Your body goes into starvation mode, starts eating your muscle and turns it into fat.

    Don’t deprive yourself of things you enjoy (beer and chuar??) just have a few beers instead of several and don’t eat as much chuar (sounds like some type of wild animal – you’ll have to explain it to me later).

    Good luck!


  3. @Alex: doesn’t the beer cause the milk to curdle?
    As for Hotmail – no luck there I’m afraid. However, I can access it no problem using Tor, it’s just slow and a little inconvienent.

    @Terri: Gasp! Terri, as one of my longest-time readers, I’m a little surprised you didn’t watch my vBlog! Maybe cause your at work eh? Meh. If you can put on some headphones, check out The vBlog and learn all about what chuar is! 🙂 You’re right in that it’s often a lot of animals haha.

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