The War On Fat: Part I

Seems everyone has got their “War On” these days – and I’m a follower of the Faith of Conformity, so I’m starting my own war. Dubbed “Operation: Reclaim Waistline“, my War On Fat shall combat the Axis of Evil (The Democratic People’s Republic of Lethargy, The Sovereign Kingdom of Crap Food and Not Drinking Enough Water – ok, that last one didn’t have the PR department that the first two had…).

I’ve always been overweight – at least since I was about 9 or 10 when my parents got divorced and I found solice in savoury things. As you should, I just became comfortable with my body (awkward puberty years aside), and generally haven’t cared too much about it.

But now, getting older and perhaps a little more responsible, I’m starting to understand that the damage to my body of every kilo I’m overweight will be compounded by every passing year – and so, The War On Fat has been declared.

Like a Chinese farmer looking at a Western toilet, I’m a little unprepared as to how best to go about it. If there’s one thing I’ve consistantly failed at and not learned from it’s exercise routines. See, this isn’t my first War of Fat; in the past I even went so far as buying one of those big exercise machines and drinking chalky tasting milkshakes.

So why is this time any different? Well, I think losing weight is a lot like quitting smoking – you have to fail a number of times before you succeed, before you REALLY want to do it. The failures are because you try knowing you “should” do it, but you don’t really have the willpower to keep it going because you don’t really “want” to do it. And I want to do it! Really, I do.

Optimally, I would be able to join a gym. Alas, I am unaware of any good gyms less than 40 minutes away by bus, and I think that trip would kill my motivation – so I need an inhouse solution – and I think it’s the Rocky Balboa method: just run like your ass is on fire, and wave your hands in the air at the top of all staircases.

I’m going to cut out the oily, meat-stuffed Chinese food, I’m going to hydrate myself (I currently drink about one glass of water a day, the rest is either sugar-saturated iced tea or beer) and I’m going to exercise. It’s that last one that worries me the most because unless I can make it a habit, it’s going to fail.

Fortunately I’ve been reading a lot about developing habits (thanks Steve Pavlina), and I think if I can get through the first two or three weeks and definitely if I can do it reliably for a month, it will then feel uncomfortable or awkward NOT to exercise.

And just when you were thinking, “But Ryan… we should ALL pitch in for the war effort – how can I help?” – your answer has arrived. A) Check back here often, as I’ll be posting my progress (in KGs), this will give me the motivation of knowing people are following along, and B) Give me suggestions. If you’ve ever discovered a way that worked for you in shedding a few pounds, or living more healthily, please leave a comment.

Alright, so that’s it. Oh, wait. The goals. I guess you need a target right? G.W. has the oil of the middle east in his “War On Terror”, Nixon had something with his “War On Drugs”, and my “War On Fat” too has directives and aims. I don’t really know much about losing weight, so I can’t say how long – but I do know where I want to be sitting on the scale and that’s in the 77-80 kg. range. I’ve a long way to go, as you can see below, but there are few things more important than your health… so. Yeah.

May 3rd, 2006: 108 kg

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