Suzhou Bookworm’s East & West Music Fest

I swear, this town gets a little bit more livable every day.

I mean, we’ve got an Irish Pub that serves Guinness on tap, we’ve got one, two, three places that I can get a taco, we’ve a cafe/bookshop/lending library loaded to the rafters with English-language books, we’ve got an English-language movie cinema playing Iron Man, and now… well, now..

We’ve got a frigin’ MUSIC FESTIVAL!

This weekend, May 10-11, the aforementioned Bookworm is hosting the East & West Music Fest (has got a nice ring to it eh?). The event will host more than 150 musicians and 25 different sets. Multi-diciplined and multi-culture doesn’t cover it, the festival is going to have everything from Chinese punk to a children’s recorder ensemble will be performing.

The Line Up

Saturday 10th – 2pm to 9pm

  • Charlie bringing some good old American folk to Suzhou (America)
  • Suzhou’s own Tom Waits: William on guitar, piano, harmonica (America)
  • The Mysterious Weapons: Rock/pop/punk (China)
  • The Doctors Rock/pop: (Indonesia)
  • Rico: rock (Phillipines)
  • Jimmy and Robert: Rock (Phillipines)
  • Too Match Rock/pop (Phillipines)
  • Joe and Mike- Rock (America)
  • As Is: Jazz/Funk (band members from all over the world)
  • Sim: Blues (Korea)

Sunday 11th – 2pm to 9pm

  • Eton House Recorder ensemble and choir – Pop and Classical, (from all over)
  • Dulwich College Orchestra – classical (all over)
  • SSIS Orchestra -classical (all over)
  • Suzhou University Music Union – traditional Chinese instruments (China)
  • The Doctors – pop/rock (Indonesia)
  • Sonja and Mira on violin and piano – Classical ( Germany and Bulgaria)
  • Misha and Lupkieva – accordian and piano (Russia)
  • Joe unplugged – folk/rock (America)
  • Suzie and Boyd – guitar vocals duet- folk/rock (China/America)
  • 张云鹏 (Zhang Yun Peng) Chinese rock/pop

What’s more, the festival comes complete with a BBQ. Now if it’d only stop raining.

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  1. I remember one of the organisers talking about this back in March, so it’s great to see it has filled out with lots of music.

    Weather for the weekend promises to be good, too 🙂

  2. @Steven: No kidding. Hopefully this will become a somewhat regular occurrence.

    @Peter: I had at one point thought of getting in on one of the more lax time slots, but left it too long. I’m pretty rusty anyway and wouldn’t be doing anyone any favours by performing 🙂

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