New vBlog – Dalian Tour (Google Earth Style)

Alright, I’ve taken my geekiness to a new low and spent far too much time playing with Google Earth today. Honestly, I don’t know what it is about maps that facinates me so. I’ve got a big one of the world here in my office to stare at while my computer boots up. I’ve got one sitting beside me of Dalian, to help me with where stuff is in this mess of a city. I fear there is something wrong with me. Is there some prescription drug precursor for mapastareatism.

Regardless, it did result in something at least some what positive, or constructive, or neither. A new vBlog! vBlog.05: Dalian Tour is up now. As it mentions, I might redo it when I have a bit more free time (hah!) and include a few more places and clean up a few of the things in it… but for now, that’s all she wrote… or filmed… or clicked? Wait… she?

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  1. Wow! That was a real treat! Thanks for that, Geek-man, I really enjoyed flying around my old stomping grounds. I miss the place, badly!

  2. Hey, not watch the Vblog yet but I’ll get on the case. Anyway, I’m just writing to say I’ve today bought a (COLOSSAL) new book from Manchester called “Mao – The Unknown Story”. It’s by Jung Chang (the woman who wrote ‘Wild Swans’) and Jon Halliday (who is simply a man I know nothing about, I won’t pretend to be knowledgeable…).

    Started reading it on the bus home and it’s started really well… not that you’ll be able to get it in China, pretty scathing and anti-Mao! But I just thought I’d let you know it’s out there, maybe you pick it up when you nip back to Canada?

  3. @Chris: Hehe, I really think I need to improve it… I just am short on time these days. I’d like to add a few more places and straighten up the display (as I had to crop it do to some issues with the capture software). We’ll see if it gets done. hehe.

    @Tom: Cheers for the tip… been out for ages though :-). I’ve heard mixed reviews on the accuracy. After the riches Jung Chang (Zhang Rong, 张戎) made from Wild Swans, I think she’s learned that scathing Mao books sell. The mass murder everyone loves to love to hate to love makes for good print. I am interested in reading it though. Another good read (though I couldn’t get through the whole thing as it was a bit dry) is a Mao biography by his long time doctor Li Zhi Sui called The Private Life of Chairman Mao.

    Oh, and Jon is her hubby and decade long Mao research assistant.

  4. I’d recomend ‘The New Emperors’ by Harrison E Salisbury. It seems to be an unbiased view of Mao and Deng, a very interesting book.

  5. I was recommended a book from a friend of mine who’s just done a year in Spain and Costa Rica. It’s called “The Way Of The Linguist” by Steve Kaufman and my mate says it’s a great for helping to learn languages, teaches loads of methods that work apparently… so Phoebe (and Richard) and Ryan – if you wanna extend you Chinese vocabulary then have a look!

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