New vBlog – Dalian Tour (Google Earth Style)

Alright, I’ve taken my geekiness to a new low and spent far too much time playing with Google Earth today. Honestly, I don’t know what it is about maps that facinates me so. I’ve got a big one of the world here in my office to stare at while my computer boots up. I’ve got one sitting beside me of Dalian, to help me with where stuff is in this mess of a city. I fear there is something wrong with me. Is there some prescription drug precursor for mapastareatism.

Regardless, it did result in something at least some what positive, or constructive, or neither. A new vBlog! vBlog.05: Dalian Tour is up now. As it mentions, I might redo it when I have a bit more free time (hah!) and include a few more places and clean up a few of the things in it… but for now, that’s all she wrote… or filmed… or clicked? Wait… she?

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