My Blog’s Got New Clothes

You may have noticed that the look of things around here are changing faster than China’s landscape. The reason being — I’m reskinnin’ my blog.

After nearly a year with the old look, I was a bit tired of it. Bear with me as I get things sorted out and please let me know what you think of the new look.

I’ve gone with a wider layout, and it is suggested that you view this site at a high resolution. I’m sorry if this conflicts with anyone still using 800×600 resolution or (god forbid) lower. I’m not so bold as to suggest my blog prompt you to make any large purchases or anything, but you really should consider upgrading to a monitor capable of higher resolutions – you’re missing a big, beautiful (synthetic) world in here.

6 Responses

  1. Looks good so far. The wider format is much nicer. I cringe every time I’m asked to limit a web app to 800×600. It’s just too small of a space to work with.

    I’m not sure if I like the “Share and Enjoy” links to be aligned vertically though. It wastes a lot of screen real-estate.

  2. As I said Sean, bear with me 😉 I had just installed the Sociable plugin when you posted that – hadn’t had time to set up the related classes for it.

    I agree 100% on tiny workspaces. I try to design as expandable (and counter-expandable) as possible, but as time goes on… I just don’t feel like spending endless hours and making countless design sacrifices to cater to the low-end Web users.

  3. i like the shiny-ness of your blog’s new skin, especially the black-grey striped panel, and the new photography in the main banner. not sure about the ivy-green edges, but could just need to get used to them.

    going wider is definitely a good idea, and seems to be the way forward if you look at the new york times, for example.

  4. I like it OK… not sure how I feel about the background color. (Obviously I have nothing against green, but I’m not sure it goes with the rest of the design…) It’s easy enough to experiment with, though.

    I think your contact link at the top may be hard for some people to find.

  5. Hey guys, thanks loads for the feedback. I was iffy on the green too – but Maggie said she liked it (reminded her of bamboo or something). To be honest I had been so focused on getting all my php tweaks and plugins working that I didn’t even see the green until she mentioned it (hours into customizing the theme).

    Again, all feedback welcome. Particularly I’d like to know if anything breaks for anyone? I’ve adjusted the page to be scalable down to 800×600 and not lose too much functionality – but it still looks best at 1280×1024.

    John, working on the CONTACT link as I type this (the benefits of having extended desktop ;-))

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