Blogger Unblocked, Again

So, don't I just finish posting a new LLW entry regarding getting around the Great Firewall of China, when it opens up and lets Blogger/Blogspot blogs through. I swear there's just some Party member hanging out in a room somewhere deep underground in Beijing flicking a switch connected to various Web sites. Just sitting there with a stopwatch and a "most comfortable notebook you've ever run into" notepad marking the reactions of the net using masses.

If you've forgotten, Blogger was available for most of the summer, but was shut out last month again. Whereas Wikipedia last month came back online, and is now off again. It's a switch, it's got to be a switch. Maybe even a fancy dimmer one.

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  1. That is one thing I don’t miss about China, always blocking and shutting down sites. At times I couldn’t access my hotmail account for months. BTW, good to know your fiancee is doing well.

  2. It’s a frigging nightmare. My own blog at Squarespace was also blocked and I am now on a new site … until that gets blocked but I am counting on my old one being unblocked at that stage since the censor does seem to be operating a “when one door closes another opens” policy of late!

  3. Thank you so much for your previous post telling me how to access my OWN blog (using is another good one. I was about to go mad until I stumbled across your valuable information.

    I have been religiously reading your blog, worrying about Maggie, and I am relieved to hear she is okay.

  4. It’s funny Stephanie, you’ve had the bad luck of falling into my “forget to read” group of blogs (some of my best friends fall in this category, so please don’t take offense) simply because you’re on Blogspot. Because it’s such a hassle to visit blocked sites, there are loads of blogs that I selfishly neglect until I remember to add their RSS feed to my Bloglines. I’ve currently got your site loaded so I’m adding it to my Bloglines as we speak… er, as I write. and will from now on be in the know… that’s one way to get around the damn blocks.

    @ζˆ‘ηˆ±δΈ­ε›½: Someone mentioned once that perhaps the opening of the gates is more of a test to see who ventures out and where they venture to. Creeps me RIGHT out.

  5. I accidently found out that China unblocked Blogger. I forgot to use my proxy one day, and low and behold my site actually came up. I was so happy that I did a little jig! Using proxies work, but they make getting to where you want to go so much slower. I wonder how long this spell will last. We should start a betting pool on when we think China will block or unblock sites. Heh. That would be an interesting site.

  6. well, maybe it be the same little geek guy on the Yahoo board. he’s gotta have on of the fastest trigger fingers on the World wide web…… grease lighting!

    can’t wait until 2008 and watch all the fireworks in their attempt to block “free speech”……that’s gonna be like ………..lights out for 2/3 of the World over nothing but some fun and games.

  7. Nowadays there are many blocked websites in China. My friends an me had been looking for some solution for the full access to any information. First we used pptp and were happy. (Although server was placed on a low-speed pipe in USA, we could access anywhere). Afterwards we got blocked again and left without internet once again. Plus we had a very slow outgoing connection outside China. We tried proxy and online anonymizer. Then we found SmartHide and have been using it for three months already. We can not pay through Internet, that is why we use Free version of SmartHide for now. I recommend it to everyone.

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