vLog.03: Field Trip!

So here it is, a bit of a wait for it, but vBlog numero three! For this entry I decided to turn my camera on those that know the most about life – kids, roughly five hundred of them to be non-exact. My primary school recently invited me to accompany them on a field trip to a park in downtown Dalian. For 50% of the journey I had no idea what we were going to be doing and the other bit was mostly just saying “Hello” to kids.

All in all it was a good time though, and it was nice hanging out with my students and not having to officially teach them anything.

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  1. Oh, that brings back memories! Here in HK I don’t see this as much (at all?), but when we were teaching in Liaoning 12 years ago, our college students did this every day at 10:00. And if they became “lackluster” in their exercises, the college spiced it up by sponsoring…… drum roll please……. A COMPETITION! So each college division had to practice and compete against all the others. Of course, our English department was usually at the bottom, and the PE department won. Our students never understood our cynicism about these competitions. (or let it be shown that they did!)


  2. Haha, that’s actually what a lot of this video was filmed during – practice! They always do this exercise routine (small changes here and there), but for a couple weeks it was insane … all ramping up for this “competition”… I kept asking why the kids had to miss classes to practice for this “competition”, wasn’t school more important…

    I was sternly looked at until an express of “stupid Laowai, you just don’t understand” inevitably spread across the person’s face.

  3. dude!
    blog verification, your comments are so insightful!~~

    The wacky American legislator is tying to prove that there is connection between video game violence and real life violence, by using the opinions of senetors who played pong.

    do you think there is connection between Chinese children who practice their mandatory morning exercise and their horrible English pronounciation?


  4. Fun to watch tho. I was doing exactly the same thing when I was in Primary school, and Jr High in Yantai.
    But the music is mordern now in DL, since you can have a bit of hip-pop, or Eurobeat type of music. I still love the old Orchestra tho, that sounds better in my opinion.

    To Mr. Thehumanaught>
    I’ve watched all your 5 video clips and all i wanna say is:” well done, mate. keep it up!”

  5. Wow, looks like boot camp! I can’t belive they do this every morning and us here in Canada, most are drinking coffee and eating doughnuts at that time. Could explain why Canadians and Americans are obese.

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