Shifting Commitments

It seems no matter how hard I try, I can’t stay on task with any one thing for long. It’s troubling, and completely the product of these wonderful things:

  1. No Attention Span
  2. Too many hobbies
  3. Horrible procrastination

I’ll get deeply into something for a few days (or weeks) and then it shifts to a new interest. Photography/digital photo editing, film editing/making vblogs, Web design, studying Chinese, reading about history/politics, reading fiction, reading blogs, making my computer look cool, learning some new songs on guitar, writing songs, writing… it’s endless really – but the idea has been illustrated.

ANYWAY, with that in mind, after four or five days break from Web design I’m back on it today, as I’ve completed my third video blog (vBlog.03: Field Trip!). I know these things are becoming few and far between, and longer and longer (vblog.01 – 10min, vblog.02 – 13min, vblog.03 – 15min) but well… perhaps a little longer, but less frequent is the better way to go – meh, maybe not, I still like vBlog.01 the best. This last one is quite cute though as it gives a glimpse of my students (all 500 of them) as we all went out on a field trip to Labor Park.

If you watch it, leave some comments on the vBlog page.

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