vLog.01: Chuar!

Here it is, the first vBlog. Some friends and I headed out onto the mean streats of Dalian in hunt of some Chinese BBQ, better known as CHUAR!

As summer approaches, there’s nothing better than a few good pengyous, a couple of cheap pijius and a load of skewered random rou. Formica tables, dirty grills, and every part of an animal you can think of – what dining experience can top that?

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  1. Hey Ryan, yeah, loved the video. I thought the quality was really good, the editing was nicely done, and how can you resist a story about Canadians eating Chinese street meat!?? It was a really cool taste of Dalian nightlife~ Ignore our vegetarian dissenter, hehehe.

    Anyway, yeah, I’m a friend of Justin’s from St. John’s- so it’s cool that you’ve hooked up with him, and are getting this video blogging to work so well. Keep ‘em comin,’!
    Luke Quinton

  2. actually, it should be pronounced as Chuan-er[串儿], because people from northern China tend to use “er” at the end of a word for all sorts of reasons, which is hard to explain.

    BTW, Love your video clip, 77 bucks for a meal for 4 is quite cheap.
    I normally eat 30 bucks by my own. 😀
    Well done, mate.

  3. @Yantai… yeah, I know that when written it’s 串儿 to get that 东北话. But I refuse to write the pinyin as “chuan-er”, “chuan’r” or “chuan’er”… from a phonetical standpoint, it’s just wrong… and as pinyin is meant to add a Romanized phonetical component to Chinese … I just go with the much easier to understand “chuar” as i’ve never heard anyone say “chuaNer”

  4. Hey Shaun, thanks for the heads up… not sure what happened there. I am slowly converting all these to the MOV or MP4 formats and making the YouTube version available… it’s just low on my priorities, perhaps I got halfway through doing this and … well… anyway… thanks for letting me know.

    It’s working now BTW.

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