Procrastination: The Mother of all Intention

Well, I can’t say that today has been overly productive on the wordcount front, as I’ve only upped it to 4,698. However, I did finally sit down and come up with an outline and though it’s still cheesy as hell (how cheesy is hell, really?), I feel a little more confident about the storyline.

I have come up with a three act plotline that fits nicely with the general ideas I had for the story. I’ve also broken up the tediousness of writing 1st Person narative by having two main characters – splitting the narative between chapters. Considering the diversity of my two MCs, it’s made the process a but more fun.

Sadly, I didn’t get to writing until late in the day today. I had all intentions of starting nice and early, but instead chose to lie in. When I finally got up at about 10:30 I finally finished watching Troy, which I had started last week. Upon completion I got a text from Tim that his news broadcast was going to be on at noon. At only 10 minutes, that provide me with sufficient procrastinating material, so at about 12:30, when I finally sat down at the computer, I started catching up on reading blogs/news.

I think if I really want to make headway with this thing I’m going to have to unplug from the Net and go write in the livingroom or something. I am getting worried if I don’t put word to screen soon I’ll be too far behind to even possibly hit the 50K mark in three weeks.

Tonight is the birthday dinner for Phoebe, a woman I work with. Her and Richard are a married couple that have been here for about four or five years (forgive my memory) and are just a great set of people. They’re always happy to pass on advice, and despite having played many a role in Future School over the years, are just as prone to bitch about a class as the rest of us.

I had planned to get Phoebe something, but cannot for the life of me think of what to get her. Having not spent a lot of time outside of school with them, I know little about her interests.

Ah well.

Oh, and for strange news story of the day:
Garage doors work after mysterious radio signal disappears
The powerful radio signal causing the problem stopped transmitting on Thursday afternoon, around the time CBC News contacted the U.S. Embassy to ask if it knew anything about it.

Good to know that the U.S. is putting their Canadian Embassy to work.

Oh… and check out It’s a program, similar to Skype, that lets you call places via your computer DIRT cheap. You can talk to me online with it for free, and/or call me in China for only 1 cent (euro) a minute. Not too shabby.

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