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Hey, I just wanted to do a quick update on the PayPerPost situation. I've been trying out the PPP program for about a month and a half now, and it seems pretty legit. You may have noticed I've been selective of what I post about – as per my initial thoughts for using this program on this site. Well, the posts I did do (you can see all my paid posts in the PPP category), I've now been paid for. The interesting thing about PayPerPost is that they actually pay per post… alright, that sounds obvious and stupid. But what I mean is, if you've ever joined an affiliate program before, you're well aware that most of them force you to meet a threshold before they send out payment (Google Ads is like $100 or something, and I think Amazon is similar).

Not true with payperpost. They live up to their name, and for each post I did I was paid the tidy little sum attributed to the opportunity direct to my PayPal account. The few posts that I've done have earned this site just south of $20 – by no means a fortune, but I'm by no means hardcore about it. I just post the occasional thing that I'm interested in and that might fit with the site. It's interesting to see on the site some bloggers that have earned over $2,000 from PPP… they must post about every insurance company and real-estate site opportunity on the PPP site…

Anyway, if you run a blog, and aren't ethically against making money with it (even if it is just small amounts), I suggest you give PayPerPost a try – at the very least, they pay on time and without any funny business. Oh! And once again, PPP has an affiliate program, so if you do sign up because of what I said, don’t forget a brotha. 🙂 They send me some love if you use me as your referrer. To do so, just go to the site via the graphic just to the left or on my sidebar.

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