New Apartment: The Tour

Download the video (if it doesn’t play above).

Hey, so I finally got around to taking some photos, and even making a little video, of our apartment. It’s pretty sweet. For 1000 RMB ($142 CAN)/mo. we have a 2-bedroom, approx. 100 sq. metre place. Seventh floor, but hell, I need the excercise.

[LEFT] The livingroom, complete with a comfortable sofa, two comfortable armchairs and a nice big TV with sound system. [RIGHT] Our dining room, which we’ve admittedly put to little use thus far, but it’ll be nice to finally have people over for dinner.

[LEFT] Also adding more comfort to this place is a bed that actually feels like a bed, not a sparsely padded piece of stone. [RIGHT] The quaint, but functional kitchen comes complete with a dish sanitizer – wahtever that is.

The Office: Where I spend FAR too much time.

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