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Well, here it is, LINKtastic III. My semi-frequent solution to not having time to post. I've been looking to post about this site since they announced its creation a couple weeks back, but wanted to see it for myself first. Sadly, due to what seems to be angering the Olympic Powers with a now-taken-down logo showing the "Fuwa" hurting themselves, the site appears to be blocked.  Proxy access will work, but may interfere with commenting, which is the cornerstone of the site. It is a site created by some of the more die-hard commenters of the recently buried Talk Talk China. The site follows pretty closely to TTC's style of a rant that inspires a truckload of comments. Time will tell if it can grow into TTCs rather laowai-sized shoes. With gems like "Foreign Boss In The Workplace", it's hard not to feel like it will.

Tokyo Tower: The damn Japanese are scooping Toronto's one interesting feature. Come 2011 Torontonians are going to have to go a lot further than Spadina and King to appreciate the tallest tower in the world. The New Tokyo Tower (pictured left) is going to best the Canuck counterpart by 57 metres, so here's what I propose… over the next four years we gather a bunch of old lawn chairs and some ducttape and make ourselves an "extension".

Lost Laowai Blog: What would a linktastic post be without reference to my other baby. Well, I'm deep into updating the site, but more on that later. For now, there are a couple new posts to help you with computer stuff in China:

And though they don't have anything directly to do with China, Canada or Asia … these are just weird:

Bomb Sniffing Bees: Yup, bees trained to sniff out bombs. Perhaps if they can train these monsters and even get the suckers to cut the green wire, rescure the girl and save the day. I'll still hate bees. On a semi-related note, the United Organization of Belgian Malinois are rumoured to be boycotting honey, as well as both yellow and black in all their winter fashion choices.

Stiff As A Bookshelf: Alright, tragic deaths are nothing to make fun of, but really… this 38 year old woman fell (headfirst) behind a bookshelf and died. It took her family (with whom she lived with) a week to find her, despite her foot sticking out. Should have got the bees to help.

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