Got a China-centric blog? Check out the China Blog Network

As I know many folks that meander by here are bloggers like myself, I wanted to make sure you all heard about the China Blog Network.

I’ll not reiterate it all here again, as I’ve already posted about it at Lost Laowai, but bare bones:

In an effort to tie together all us sinobloggers, we’re launching the China Blog Network, a (appropriately enough) network of China blogs that all link together in a ring-around-the-rosie style (we’re praying we don’t all fall down).

Though most of us link to each other through our blogrolls, I thought it might be more convenient, and fun, to have a method by which we can create an actual blogging network, whereby we can explore new related blogs and show a bit of solidarity for our blogging niche.

Membership to the network is free, but limited to English-language blogs about China. Noodle blogs, corporate blogs, tech blogs, rant blogs, whatever, if it’s China-centric, you’re all welcome.

So, if you’ve got an English-language blog about China, be sure to head over and join the China Blog Network.

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