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Hey folks, hope you don't mind, but I'm exploring new ways to monetize this blog. I've met people who shun or even completely disapprove of blogging for cash and to them I say… well, hell, they probably stopped reading this blog the minute I added Google Ads.

My view of blogs has changed dramatically over the nearly four years I've been blogging. My first blog started as a way for me to muse and vent about my rather routine life. Later I kept a blog to stay in touch with family while I lived out of my backpack for five months while traversing continents. I migrated back to my first blog after returning home, and rather than dusting off the travel blog on some freebee server when I left for China, I did things proper and got myself my own site. TheHumanaught.com was born.

In the course of my blogxpedition, this little site has grown from what I though was an amazing 457 visits in February 2005, to the more than 13,000 visits I had this past month. I'm now daily receiving nearly the number of visits that I received that whole cold February about two years ago. Here are some nifty charts to illustrate (click 'em for the bigger version):

monthlyvisits.gif dailyavgvisits.gif

When I started blogging, the whole idea was still pretty new, and it has evolved a lot since those early days of trying to customize my LJ template. Whether my mind about blogging has evolved to fit the new blogsphere, or the new blogsphere has evolved to fit mine (and others) minds, I'm not sure, but I love that the net has exploded to a point where near everyone has a blog of some sort now. Some say the blogging explosion has dilluted the quality of the content on the net, which I think is laughable. The sheer number of good blogs with excellent writing out there far, far, FAR outweighs any claims that blogs are cluttering up the net or are just some ego-stroking vanity fad.

Anyway, that's all a very convoluted and reminiscent way of saying, shit's changed. And as much as I'm pretty well still writing the same drivel I was two years ago when I launched this site, I have monetized (that's fancy for made-it-money-makin') some things on here. As such, I've put together a page for my Disclosure Policy, which outlines – for all to see – my exact position on advertising in this blog. This was generated for me by, appropriately enough, Disclosure Policy Generator (www.disclosurepolicy.org), which is encouraging bloggers to be clear and transparent about where their editorial/advertorial lines are.

With my background in publishing, I've no qualms about being paid to write and no problems displaying advertising to assist in the costs of distributing that writing. In fact, I've issues with people who feel writers don't need to be paid for their work. However, I do agree that standards should be held, and if something is advertising, or related to advertising, that needs to be indicated.

 This very post is an example of the new system I've implemented on this site. If you look at the top, you'll notice that under the headline there is a PAID indicator – that means I've been (or hopefully will be) paid in some way for this post. Basically, this means I've worked into the post some sponsor or whatnot. In this post's case it is the www.disclosurepolicy.org site, via a program called PayPerPost.

If any readers have any questions about this, or any opinions, feel free to leave a comment. I'm very curious to hear what people think in regards to blogs, the future of blogging, and the monetization of blogs.

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