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Right, so does anyone else think the world is just stupidly retarded these days? And I don’t mean to throw the term retarded out there to offend anyone with special needs, as they are certainly more abled than the planet at large.

I just read about this case in Afganistan, where an Afgan man is being tried (and seemingly convicted) for converting to Christianity 14 years ago. Unless he renounces his ways and again affirms his belief in Allah, wait, not Allah… just Mohammad — the rest of the cast and crew are pretty much the same aren’t they — they’re going to sentence him to death.

Now, lemme get this straight, the Muslim world gets up in arms (literally) when the “Christian” (rather, the multi-ethnic, rather tollerant and aware that there IS an entire world of people that live on this planet) world publishes A SINGLE defamatory cartoon about the Prophet, which characterizes the fact that the Muslim world tends to blow up innocent people to show their dislike of other people blowing up innocent Muslim people (a la G.W. Bush and his bedmates).

So, now we’ve got a Christian guy in Afganistan who’s going to be killed for being Christian. If the Muslim’s unite when their faith is attacked (by horribly damaging cartoons), where the hell are the Christians? Bunch of pacifists. I say the Christian powers that largely rule the US, and now Canada, should illustrate to Afganistan just how astronomically stupid they are by extending the same level of “justice” to the Muslim people in North America. Hell, Tony Blair and John Howard … they’d probably admit to being Christians too right? (do when the votes are needed anyway). So lets get the UK and Australia in this too.

If a man can be killed in a Muslim country for being Christian, isn’t it fair that a man, woman or child in a largely Christian country be killed for being a Muslim? No, it’s not fair… it’s remarkably brainless… and I’m SURE that the Muslims in “civilized” Western countries would agree. So… what the fuck?

It’s common to hear that all this shit going down in the Middle-East by America is just causing more and more terrorists (and I’m the first to advocate that it does, and denounce the whole thing), but what the hell is the Muslim world doing? I mean, they’re not exactly giving the world a lot to like about their religion.

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