Closer Than My Peeps You Are To Me, Baby

Well, as I sorta led on that I would give an update on what happens next, here it is: I don’t know. It’s getting tougher and tougher to sort out what to do. Maggie and I are going head over heels and it’s a great feeling. It’s sort of like we’ve both had this bottled up affection for each other all this time we’ve been friends and now we’re allowed to let it loose… it’s like a North Korean defector in a voting booth – we’re both not sure where to start or what to do, but we’re just thrilled to be there.

And not to slight any ex’s in anyway, but it’s also nice to walk with a girl who isn’t ashamed of holding my hand in public… that was always a weird feeling with Mandy. I mean, I understand the reasoning behind it, as it attracts a lot of attention… but it really made me feel like I was an outsider and different than her. I’ve never felt any sort of racism towards me directly … and that’s the closest I’ve come to being offended by it. Maggie also gets the looks, but she doesn’t care (or puts on that she doesn’t) and whether she knows it or not, it means a load to me.

We went out for dinner tonight. It was suposed to be a crude way for me to say thank you (谢谢) for her washing my floor today. Honestly, I told her not to, I begged her to let me do it, and I informed her that if any of my female friends ever saw her on her hands and knees washing my floor with a rag – they’d assure that none of my genes would ever see the light of a future generation. However, she insisted (something about not being comfortable in the filth that is my apartment) and for it I promised her a nice meal (actually I had planned the meal thing previously… but I had nothing at this point and I was reaching). Unfortunately, she wasn’t having any of it — we went to a local ‘western food’ restaurant and she order a fruit salad for dinner. After watching her pick away at it while I gobbled down a Seafood Medley, I decided to try a bite. I immediately assumed the sweet whip cream coating had gone bad, that is until my tastebuds clued in that it was actually mayonnaise. WTF? Who coats fruit in mayo? 你没有mayo在果子! It suddenly became very clear why she had been so slow at eating it. She insisted that the company was the only thing she cared about, and has made plans to see me again tomorrow… but after egg yoke and vinegar soaked fruit… I wouldn’t blame her if the call never came.

Oh, so I’ve found this really cool site that lets you keep updated with all your blogs and news together in one easy and organized page. It’s called, check it out. It’s fan-frigin-tastic for anyone in China who wants to read hosted blogs, as the CCP has deemed them too dangerous for anyone but the highest of officials to read.

Now that I can keep up to date, shout-outs to:
Eric’s Blog – Blogger Name: Shanshu311
Sarah’s Blog – Blogger Name: FineCherryWine

Here you go Eric, the five songs that I’m currently humming in my head:
Angel (of the Morning) – Shaggy Ver.
Ni Dao Di Ai Zhe Shei – Liang Liang
Three Little Birds (still) – Bob Marley
Place Your Hands On – Reef
Say You Say Me – Lionel Richie

5 days until Vanessa arrives.

And in case anyone was curious, the craptastic Shaggy lyric Title Line is because Maggie’s English name used to be ‘Angel’ … and I’ve had the song stuck in my head all night.

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