Bring on the Best of the Chinosphere – China Blog Awards 2007

Well, there’s been a secret little project brewing lately. fiLi and I have been conspiring to create the latest incarnation of the China Blog Awards.

fiLi, as some may know, is the brains behind the Chinalyst, a community/aggregator for English-language China blogs. It seems that his site is therefore the perfect venue to get these awards off the ground.

There have been attempts in the past for a blog awards focused completely on China, but for whatever reason, they seem to have fizzled.

cba2007.jpgFor my part in this, I’ve designed the award itself (see the picture above), and my site, the Hao Hao Report, will be hosting the China Blog Awards 2007 – Best Story segment (dubbed the Zui Hao Report).

The China Blog Awards will solely use visitor voting to determine who the winners (in each of the respective categories) are. No panel of “we know best” judges, no “so hot on Technorati” rankings… just pure, old-fashion democracy (note: those from the State of Florida will have to submit to an IQ test before being allowed to vote).

China Blog Awards 2007 Schedule

The China Blog Awards will work according to the following schedule :

  • Till 30/06/2007 – China blogs that haven’t registered to Chinalyst can still be added till the end of the month to allow a fair start for all. Existing Chinalyst blogs may change their categorization, description, tags etc. to help promote their blogs.
  • From 01/07/2007 till 31/07/2007 – Voting will open for all. Blogs may still register during this process.
  • 08/2007 – Best China Blogs announced.

Voting will open on July 1st and will appear on all blogs on Chinalyst. You’re invited to take a look at all the blogs registered at Chinalyst sorted by categories. You can also access blogs through the posts view and clicking on “source” for any of the posts.

zuihao-logo.pngLargely, the Zui Hao Report will be following the same schedule, with one exception – nominations are open now! Simply visit the site and start submitting China-related stories you think are fan-frigin-tastic. Check out the complete description of the China Blog Awards 2007 – Best Story competition.

If you’ve got a blog that is related to China, be sure to get over to the Chinalyst and get it registered in their system so people can vote on it. For members of The Hao Hao Report, you’ll only need to re-register at the Zui Hao Report if you registered recently. Otherwise, your account was copied over. Voting is open to all, but to nominate stories, you’ll have to register (for free, of course).

One final thing, this is all for fun! We’re not awarding any prizes or money, but rather simply providing a forum for us to all reflect on the best of our blogosphere. Of course, should any one wish to sponsor a prize, we’d be more than happy to consider it.

Good luck everyone!

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