And Who Said There’s No Easy Money?

Dear friend,

I want you to patiently read this offer that will
surely benefit both of us. My name is Chris Livingstone.
I am a Lawyer and a native of Durban in
South Africa. But I am currently in England for this
transaction I am about to disclose to you. I got a
good piece of information about you during my search
for a trust-worthy and honest person in a foreign
country who can handle this confidential business with

Through the smuggling and selling of diamonds from
South Africa to England, I was able to make $10m cash.
The money is currently kept in a security company here
in England, as I cannot go to the bank because the
money is too big and the source cannot be justified. I
want to now move the money out of England for proper
investment in real eastate, tourism industry and palm
products in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia,
singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, India, Pakistan,
Sri Lanka, Nepal, korea, UAE and other countries like
Australia, Russia USA where such investments will be
good and profitable. This is why I decided to contact
you. I want the money to be moved out of England to
your country where you will receive it and keep it
until I come over to meet with you in your country.
All plans and arrangements have been on how to move
the cash from England to your house or any hotel you
wish in your country.

For assisting and also helping me in investing the
money in a business that will bring quick and good
profits, you will benefit a reasonable part of the
total money. I also have plans to giving some part of
the money to the Tsunami victims and other Charitable

Please reply this message as soon as you read it to
let me know your mind on this proposition. Send me
your private phone, fax and mobile phone numbers as
you reply this message. Once I am convinced that you
are totally willing to cooperate with me on this
assignment, I will give you my full contact details in

Note that this proposal is a top secret and should be
kept confidential at all time.

While I hope to hear from you.

Best regards,

Dr Chris Livingstone
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

And to think that this came from the junk mail folder of an e-mail I never give out other than for business/work stuff… hmmm.

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