Why jocks shouldn’t write politics or culture

Alright, I’ve shared my criticisms of Beijing getting the Olympics and how they have grossly failed to meet the standards to which they agreed upon when first winning the bid, but holy fuck, please tell me America that this this Bible-dribbling, fact-passing, jock-itch of a moron isn’t speaking for the rest of you.

From his recent article entitled ‘Fanning the flame of controversy‘:

“In less draconian concerns, the pollution is said to be horrific, the food untrustworthy and just recently the Chinese began installing that cutting-edge technology known as the “sit toilet” at some venues after discovering that the rest of the world isn’t too keen on squatting over a hole in the ground to do their business.”

“Every world leader offers nothing but tacit support with their silence. And who knows, maybe at this point no major nation, let alone the United States, even has the moral authority to demand much of anything.”

“The Chinese even have given up on the bold promises about how there will be no disturbances. They’re trying to ban live broadcasts from Tiananmen Square, and they admit suicide squads might be nettlesome.

Their original plan appeared to include having every potential protester murdered, imprisoned or scared of being murdered or imprisoned.

At this point, the IOC only can hope that sickening idea works so they can ignore the violence, sip champagne and call the games a success. What do a hundred dead monks matter anyway when there are so many Big Macs to move?”

Dead monks? He did read the news right? The majority of those reported to have been killed were due to riotous violence brought on by Tibetans (and in some cases Tibetan monks). This isn’t to say that the forces of law and order don’t have blood on their hands – but when you have a violent mob running amok, concessions need to be made.

And how is it hard to wrap your head around the fact that by shutting down live feeds from Tiananmen, they are curbing the potential for various groups of protesters to utilize it as a launching ground to punt their non-Olympics related cause.

But despite all that stupidity – the bit that just makes me want to slap his apple-eatin’ ignorant face is the bit about “sit toilets” – what a culturally insensitive dickhead. A good half of the world’s population views setting your ass where others have set their ass (or urine) as somewhat unsanitary. That they choose to cater to Western ignorance and bad knees is a considerable kindness not a cultural catch-up – ya knob.

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