Linktastic II

That’s right, I’m using Roman Numerals… what of it?

So, I’m going to make this Linktastic thing a permanent habitue (yeah thesaurus!) of my blog. He… or She, hell… She will drop by once and again and tell us where to go – she’s a lot like a few of my ex-girlfriends in that regard.

Anyway, she’s got her own little category and everything… so … everyone, please welcome…

Linktastic II

vBlog.06: The Road To Suzhou – Yup, finally put together a new video blog. Months and months of waiting has been unduely rewarded with this … two people, two bottles of wine and 23.5 hours on a train. You can watch it via YouTube, or download the Mp4 file (you’ll need iTunes or QuickTime to view it). The one highlight of the video is that it uses some rather catchy (all Chinese) music.

The Hao Hao Report Upgraded! – At 4 a.m. this morning, after four beers and no coffee, I realized that upgrading The Hao Hao Report was a chore. Not like a “sweep the floor” chore, but more like a “clean the screens” chore (those outside of China may just not understand). Anyway, it’s pretty much done. More features, some bug fixes and improved functionality. Check it out. And if you’re a blog owner, talk to me about how to add a “Hao This” link to your blog (it’s easier than you think and will bring traffic your way).

Lost Laowai Blog: Peopleless Panoramas Float My Boat – A new post at the Lost Laowai Blog describing the advantages of taking a boat tour of the Huang Pu River in Shanghai over pushing through the crowds on the busy Bund.

Ok, my shameless plugs out of the way – here are a few other links I’ve enjoyed recently.

Nobody’s Watching – I got handed this link today by Chen Wei, a frequent commenter on my buddy Chris’ blog. Perhaps this show is well known in the West and I’m just behind, but from the YouTube samples here … it’s definitely laughable comedy.

How To Write A China-related Blog – A rather hilarious blog post over at TTC regular Meursault’s Yellow-Wings MSN Space. I like this article particularly because it lives in the hypocritical – which to me defines all existance. Wonder if he knew how profound the post was. Meh, either way… it’s funny – especially if you are a China blogger or read a lot of China blogs (of which I am both).

End Of World – Alright, I know this is old, but I just never get tired of watching it.

The Nietzsche Family Circus – I got this off of Josh and Emily’s Peer-See site. Basically you take one part Family Circus and one part quotable Friedrich Nietzsche and get humour – something both are generally quite devoid of seperately.

‘Let us beware of saying that death is the opposite of life. The living being is only a species of the dead, and a very rare species.’

Japan’s Apologies to China – Interestingly enough, this site is blocked in China and you’ll need to visit this Anonymouse’d link if you’re in The Zhong. This post is a list of apologies Japan has made over the years regarding their cruel and imperialistic nature during the 1930s and 40s. I think the kicker to the post is Muninn’s comment that sort of sums up the situation from both angles:

… part of my reason for posting this was so we can look beyond the number of 17 or 21 or whatever statements of regret or apologies. As you can see, these statements vary considerably in their wording and their reluctance to concede Japan’s role during the war. I agree the apology issue should die, but I’m as concerned as anyone about the increasing attempt by revisionists and their growing number of supporters amongst conservatives in Japan to recreate a liberation-of-Asia narrative of their colonial and wartime history that leaves out the many horrible atrocities and oppressive nature of their colonial/occupation regimes.

As for China … I would also guard against making a “calculus of atrocity” in which we compare the horrible policies of the end of the ’50s which led to millions of deaths mostly through starvation – and wartime atrocities in which individuals attacked non-combatants. It just isn’t a good game to play.

Finally, I don’t like anyone responding to accusations of “forgetting atrocities of the past” with “hey, you forgot yours too!” That doesn’t get us anywhere. We need to look at all of these things without regard to nation – as if we are in some kind of atrocity-spitting contest. – Muninn.

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