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For all the Suzhou folks that have weathered my blog’s migration from “Suzhou/China commentary” to “all about the baby”, here’s one for you — head down to the Suzhou Bookworm tomorrow night for a talk by photojournalist Tom Carter, author of CHINA: Portrait of a People, an amazing book of photography capturing every corner of this vast country.

Saturday 29nd May – 7.30 pm

Tom Carter, author of CHINA: Portrait of a People

An internationally published freelance photographer and travel writer, Tom has traveled extensively throughout all 33 Chinese provinces and autonomous regions before publishing ‘CHINA: Portrait of a People,’ the most comprehensive collection of imagery of contemporary China ever published by a single author. Tonight he shares his experiences through the Middle Kingdom and India, seeking out photo opportunities and human experiences.

Note: tickets might be required — I’m not sure. Check with the Bookworm

CHINA: Portrait of a PeopleTom and I have crossed digital paths a number of times over the last several years, and I’ve yet to meet him. When Tom e-mailed to say he would be in town, I was hoping to get out and fix that this weekend, but that “all about the baby” bit carries much past these dusty pages of HTML.

So, if you see Tom tomorrow, please let him know I sent you and give him my best. Also, if you’ve seen his book, be sure to let me know what you thought.

I’ll be doing a proper review soon on Lost Laowai (it’s about 2 years past due — but coincides well with its June 16th Amazon availability), but I think its fantastic. The thing is massive. For a preview of some of the photography, head over to Tom’s photostream on Flickr.

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