One more reason to hate China Telecom this Spring Festival

Ok, so I’ve got to pause a moment and reflect on this.

China Telecom, the only ISP in Suzhou that I know of, not only provides me with a connection that is about as slow and inconsistent as I am, and staffs their “technical” “service” department with dorks that have less education than my stairwell sweeper, but now, now they’re infecting that retardedly slow and censored connection with fucking ads!

Somewhat randomly as I’ve been browsing over the last couple days I’ve had the site I was attempting to get to be halted and was then confronted with five seconds of these (click for bigger versions):

ctspringfestivalad.jpg ctspringfestivalad2.jpg


What’s even more worrisome is that this insertion method between random Web page visits blatantly says “Guess what, we’ve got the technology to know where you’re going and what you’re looking at.”

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