‘Best Band in Beijing’ coming to Suzhou

Woodie AlanJust got word that Woodie Alan, the band City Weekend calls the “Best Band in Beijing”, is coming to Suzhou for a one show performance on Friday night.

The show’s taking place at J&J Restaurant (No.5, Block 11, Horizon Resort II, SIP) and runs from 9 until 11. Tickets will set you back 60 RMB per 人, which seems a bit pricey to this laowai, but fits the swanky venue and up-scale expat crowd and that hangs around Horizon I suppose. Whether such a spot will fit the smokey jam-band blues of Woodie Alan has yet to be seen.

The band is comprised of three Chinese and two American musicians, including writer Alan Paul, who wrote an insightful and touching piece for WSJ about the band’s experience performing at the recent Xiamen Beach Festival.

Here’s the studio version of their original tune, “Beijing Blues”:


Tickets can be ordered by calling (512) 6917 5111 or e-mailing [email protected]

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