Damn The USB

So… I couldn’t post my LJ entry for yesterday yesterday, but I posted it today… so it’s below. And here are the photos for it.

Chaingmai Photos
Photos from Bangkok that I forgot about

Quick Update:
When sun set last night I headed down to the Night Bazarre, but got tired of people trying to hock t-shirts and fake designer watches so I walked back towards the guesthouse, grabbing some Pad Thai, a bottle of coke and some Thai whiskey on the way. Spent the night working on learning some Jack Johnson tunes and reading a book called The Rape of Nanking that Naomi lent me. It is great and I’ll likely finish it today or tomorrow.

Oh! I did finally do something today that I’ve been meaning to do all week. I mailed Cass’ gift. The guy at the post office assured me the “padded” envelope would be suitable… but I dunno. So Cass, if you get a bunch of weird pieces of stuff in a padded envelope with my name on the back (marked fragile)… know that it was sent on the highest authority that it would be ok.

Alright… hope everyone is well… and check out my photos! 🙂

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  1. Ryan – you bring back so many great memories as you describe what you see and experience. I remember well the moat around the city and how easy it was to get around once you got the lay of the land. Have you gone up to the University yet? If I remember correctly, they had a great museum there – but I have to admit that I’m not sure. Maybe it was Nairobi? Take care and enjoy the rest of Thailand. If you do go to the south, the beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world.

    Uncle Rich

    • South.. here I come!

      No worries on that front, I’m going to the south ASAP! I should be there now… but Chiangmai has just been great.. so I’ve stayed more than my expected 3-4 days. I’ll likely stay here until Monday or so and then head down to Malaysia for a week or so to get my passport stamped – then it’s off to Koh Pha Ngang for a full moon party and then to the west coast for a bunch of pretty beaches and camping. 🙂

      Glad I can bring back the memories! Glad people are still reading 🙂


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