My Thoughts: China’s ex-SFDA chief sentenced to death

Yeah, this is just stupid. I mean, not that he doesn’t deserve to be punished, but are the powers that be so completely blind to outside opinion that they believe people will buy this bullshit attempt to nullify their involvement with all the sub-standard crap (toothpaste, pet food, contact solution, etc.) they’re allowing (through ignorance or not) on the market?

Anyway, my full rant on this is over at Lost Laowai: The Binge and Purge of Chinese Politics

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  1. Death ? That’s pretty final. How about an administrative rebuke, a written self-confession and a thorough self-examination ?

    Couple that with a significant donation to a children’s charity would suffice. No need to kill him, his grandchildren would also live under the shame. And their children.

    It’s very simple, avoid bribes, do your job. Jamieson has never been bribed (I’m insignificant), but for Pete’s sake, you had a salary. Execution is a serious matter. Kill a chicken to scare the monkey ?

    However, I am a Laowai, knows jack-s**t.

    In other countries, we don’t kill elected officials, we just send them to prison and seize their assets if they are convicted by a jury, not a panel (group) of judges.

  2. My name is Jack, i contacted you a while back about ESL jobs in China. Thanks for your reply is was very helpful.

    i have a provisional place in a language school, in Dalian. I was wondering if you would be able to help me as i have just read an article on HaoHao Report (Which i believe is another of your websites, titled “esl for dumbasses”.
    In the article it states that the L-visa for teachers is illegal, this is what the school have told me to get untill i get to china where i have been told that they will sort it out for me, is this common place?
    Also, i used the website, do you know if this is a reputable company, have you heard from any of the expat community in china?

    sorry about the massive message and the many questions. (the last time i left a message you were very helpful and so this was my first port of call)

    Any help you could give me would be great, and when i do get to China, i will buy you a good few beers.


  3. @Jamieson: That jury vs panel is really the key. Despite what everyone thinks about this guy (and I personally think he’s a rat and deserves to be flogged publicly with smelly beef), acceptance of his punishment is acceptance of a flawed system.

    @Jack: Comment’s a bit off topic for the post. Fire me an e-mail for specifics like this. The L-visa thing is not exactly on the up-and-up, but it is quite common-place. As long as they switch it nearly immediately after you arrive/start teaching, you’ll be fine. Don’t work for an extended period of time with an L-visa, it’s very likely you’ll get busted (particularly if the school hasn’t fed their guanxi machine lately).

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