Moment of Silence today

Just a quick notice to say to everyone that today officially starts a 3-day mourning period, and will include a 3-minute moment of silence across the nation at 2:28pm this afternoon.

Whether you are a reader in or out of China, please join me in observing this moment of silence and taking the time to remember the victims of last week’s tragedy and also consider how fortunate we are to not be in such circumstances.

Every day is a gift, and times like these remind me to live them as such.

More info about the notice here.

2 Responses

  1. Was in Kunming at 2.28 and where I was people stopped in the street. Shopkeepers came out and traffic stopped. Pretty moving stuff.

  2. Hey Ryan. Thank you for your effort. I wish I could be there to experience the 3-minute-silence. I’m kind of speechless at the moment. But since it is a place where all the expats gather. On behalf of my homeland, I wish to take this opportunity to give my special thanks to you all for your concern and help.
    Life is too short, I’m trying to live every day like there’s no tomorrow. Take care guys.

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