So, spring is in the air in lovely Suzhou. Yes – our two weeks of paradise have arrived, and just in time for the droves of tourists looking to capture a picture of the city’s tranquil gardens (which are overflowing with tourists looking to capture a picture of the city’s tranquil gardens).

Spring always stirs in me a desire for change. Perhaps a remnant of my primordial past, or just the fact that I spend most of my days indoors with a slowly dwindling connection to the outside world…

Whatever the reason:

Before: Grizzly Adams

After: Billy Corgan

All that remains…

An important thing to consider before asking your Chinese wife to assist you in shaving your head is whether or not she’s any “practical” experience wielding a razor. She was shaving off shaving cream for five minutes before I realized she wasn’t actually removing any hair.

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  1. @Sarah: Maggie loves it – continually touching the egg and referring to it as “looks so clean!”

    Funny that she’s no cultural knowledge or connection to who Mr. Clean is… and yet it still carries over. That’s good marketing.

    @John: Cheers, haha. I’ve shaved my head two other times. The second escapes me, but the first was at my 18th birthday. It was a communal effort.

  2. Baldness! I’ve been shaving my head for a quite a few years now.
    Partially because I can pull it off, but also out of convenience and the feeling of riding around on a moped with a bald head.
    Get ready for the 像个黑社会 comments. 光头s are strongly associated with mafia here.
    Next step…open collared shirt and a gold chain.

  3. wow, very aerodynamically efficient.

    but isn’t that guy’s name billy corgan (not corrigan)… i was into the SP when i was in high school, before realising – a few years later – that ‘melancholy and the infinite sadness’ was bunch of whiny pants.

  4. @Jason: It goes with my tats. Maggie’s parents must be so proud.

    @King of Men: I’ve been called worse 🙂

    @Steven: Doh! You’re absolutely right – teaches me to trust my memory for spelling mid-90s goth idols.

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